Zune, the most beautiful music player

And so it begins. Both – my trek back to regular blogging and the start of my never-ending list of just plain *gorgeous* things in life. I have a rather nagging feeling that my list will probably revolve more around beautiful *digital* items – but I’ll do my best to keep it worldy. And yes, I realize that beautiful has a rather feminine connotation, and, well, I wouldn’t have it any other way! Let me explain…

Zune, the most beautiful music player for Windows

Zune Music Player for Windows

Oh my god. just look! LOOK at it! I don’t know how or what those designers or developers had to do to make it all so god darn sexy, but lemme tell you: absolutely worth it. That static picture above doesn’t even tell the whole story. Heck, that’s just a *single* frame of a continuous stream of animations layered with text artistically sliding across the screen. The end result is eye orgasm while your ears absorb the choice of audio you’ve deemed worthwhile. Anyway, I think you get the point.

So today, I’d like to reach out and thank the brilliant folks over at Zune for making the most beautiful music player out there. I think there’s something like 500 million PC’s out there and I bet less than 20% even know that Zune exist. Well what are you waiting for? Get Zune now!